Big Picture: Take 2

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.”
(Various contributors.)

Big Picture is back: Golden Lane Films are working in conjunction with IdeasTap on a unique film challenge in another cinematic experiment. Writers, GLF needs you! 

Here’s the Idea: Our film will be made up of short vignettes all with a singular theme: ‘Scenes in doorways’. Each of our scenes will take place in a different doorway as we explore them as potent, transitional spaces. Scenes will be woven together by the GLF team and tied together by our single theme. 

GLF are asking screenwriters to submit their short scene ideas (anything from 10s to 4 mins in length) for the chance to take part. Winning writers will take part in a screenwriters masterclass with an industry professional, have the opportunity to workshop their scenes with actors, then see their characters realised at a screening of the final film in a London cinema.

To submit your script ideas via IdeasTap click here